About us

About Us

jawharafoods. is one of the largest processors of shelf stable peppers to the food service, ingredient and private label markets in Egypt

This enables us to process huge quantity of pounds all year long of various peppers such as jalapenos, green chiles, cherry, banana , pepperoni pepper, mexican pepper,and also other products like black olives, green olives, natural black olives with diifernt type of packing

We pride ourselves for being a vertical integrated company as we operate from our own greenhouses, to producing our own distilled vinegar, to making our own tin cans, plastic jars and card board boxes.

But above all, our product quality is of the upmost importance, having our facilities certified by BRC with B ratings, and also our detailed oriented service to our clients to be one of the main reasons driving our continuous growth.

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Our company was set up in 2008, and it belongs to a 2 brother group which comprises companies representing food industry, food quality inspections, exporting, importing, thanks to the ambition, competence, and commitment of its team, we became one of the largest and most recognizable food Exporter in Egypt. The company’s main operations include direct export, and food trade. Our successful operations have brought us numerous and prestigious business awards.
Be an innovative food-packaging supplier that listens and works collaboratively with food service providers to offer value-adding food
Building a sustainable business by providing excellent services in every project, become the preferred solution provider for our customers, establishing new platforms and creating communicational opportunities in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries.
al gawhrahas a great importance in the continuous development of available and skilled resources to ensure that the company enjoys long-term growth and adapts to the forefront of competition. Its strategy is to work on establishing new standards and on integrated management systems.

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We are glad to offer our clients the highest quality in the world.


  • Hehia City, Sharkia - Egypt