About us

About Us

Is a food company combining technology and the best strategic distribution systems that exceed expectations for the latest nutrition products and the highest quality supported by creativity and innovation, and we realize that our previous performance is not a guarantee of success. We emphasize the importance of establishing the best quality standards in the industry.

Al Jawharah is distinguished in providing integrated nutrition solutions for many years to most companies and institutions in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and the Middle East. We appreciate the excellence of each brand of any organization we work with. Our goal is to offer unique packaging products for each brand we work with to meet the needs of the organizations.

In all areas that work in restaurants, hotels, hospitals or shops, Al Jawhara Company offers a wide range of nutrition products

We are honored to follow up on our site and the products available in it. We have the confidence that you will find everything you need from food, nutrition and any other inquiries. Please contact us and one of our employees will reply to your inquiries.

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What started as a small team of online nutrition specialists has become a huge project that evolves into many experts in quality, delivery times and marketing to all over the world.
Be an innovative food-packaging supplier that listens and works collaboratively with food service providers to offer value-adding food
Building a sustainable business by providing excellent services in every project, become the preferred solution provider for our customers, establishing new platforms and creating communicational opportunities in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries.
al gawhrahas a great importance in the continuous development of available and skilled resources to ensure that the company enjoys long-term growth and adapts to the forefront of competition. Its strategy is to work on establishing new standards and on integrated management systems.

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We are glad to offer our clients the highest quality in the world.


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